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Our history

Florentine trattoria since 1963

In 1963, Nello Bartarelli and Oliviero Carrai, one father of Ferruccio, the other of Graziella and Paolo, took the big decision and abandoned their job in the fields to move to the city. Leaving the beautiful hills of Chianti Classico was not a painless move, but the desire to offer a safer future to their descendants made them determined. Moreover, they already knew what they wanted to do, and opened a small restaurant in order to show townspeople how to eat quality ingredients in accordance with tradition. In doing so, even if they left the countryside, they still carried its taste and traditions with them.
From the countryside they brought with them the genuineness of the flavors, the simplicity of the recipes, the substantial dishes that “help the mouth carry the legs” as Nello used to say.
When it opened in 1963, the restaurant only had a kitchen and a small room – the one which is now the entrance room, with the wood paneling on the walls. The door was practically always wide open, to create a direct line with the street, with the neighborhood, to have a chat with the artisans and passers-by.
Two decades later, between 1985 and 1986, Oliviero, Nello and their respective families, feeling satisfied with how the business was going, decided “to expand”: other rooms were added, everything was renovated and – biggest change – the first employees were hired.
In 2013, to mark the 50th anniversary of the business, came the decision to “bring everything to luster”: there has been an upgrade in the service, the addition of new rooms, plus air conditioning and other comforts.

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ma in cucina (e con il conto) sono seri"