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It can well be the goliardic spirit that hovers between the tables, in the background to continuous debates and exchanges of opinion. On the agenda, the news about San Frediano and Santo Spirito, the recent changes in habits and society, the refrain “it was better when it was worse”, the disappearance of the legendary “half-seasons”, the misadventures of a dear friend that everybody seems to know and, it could not be otherwise, the local soccer team, Fiorentina.
“We are ruined!” comments Paolo trying to calm souls and stomachs, often a little too carried away by the conversation.
And side by side, sometimes even at the same table, lawyers, writers, doctors, freelancers, traders, retirees, workers, students and tourists attend or are the protagonists of joking squabbles and pungent digs, in pure “sanfredianino” style.
Who knows if all this “noise” was included in the projects of Nello Bartarelli and Oliviero Carrai, parents of Ferruccio, Graziella and Paolo, when, in 1963, they left their job in the fields to open a small restaurant.
Being a customer of La Casalinga is like becoming a member of a new family, worrying and asking why the “Furbetto” didn’t come today, despite the fact that his bike is, as usual, parked in the square and his baked apple has been regularly prepared for him.
To put it short: La Casalinga is prescribed by the doctor to all those who are not satisfied with (good) food.

What they say about us - VENERDì di Repubblica - View more "Qui in sala fanno tutti la commedia, ma in cucina (e con il conto) sono seri" "Qui in sala fanno tutti la commedia,
ma in cucina (e con il conto) sono seri"